Nozawa Onsen’s Budget-Friendly Accommodation

Family friendly Japanese style rooms as low as 6,000 JPY per night! Let us help you travel wise in comfort.

Why Kazuo?

A Comfortable Home Away

No Frills

Save from paying unnecessary extras and amenities.

One Price

Priced per room to make it easy for you.

Family Oriented

Fit in one room and get cozy. We have Japanese style rooms for 2 to 4.


30 seconds away from the Shinden free public onsen & bus terminal

Speak English

No need to worry about the communication barrier!

Sport Friendly

Spacious ski/snowboard storage for snow sport enthusiasts.

Meet Us Better

The Kazuo Story

In 1982, Mr Ikeda Kazuo & Mrs Ikeda started Minshuku Kazuo to provide homey and comfortable accommodations to visitors of Nozawa Onsen. Now, Kazuo Bed & Breakfast continues to live their vision.

Welcome to Kazuo Bed & Breakfast

Your Budget-Friendly Accommodation

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