The Kazuo Story

The Revival of Kazuo Bed & Breakfast

Mr & Mrs Kazuo

In 1982, Mr Ikeda Kazuo & Mrs Ikeda has started Minshuku Kazuo to provide homey and comfortable accommodation to visitors of Nozawa Onsen. Now, Kazuo Bed & Breakfast continues to live their vision.

Mrs Kazuo was a professional kimono seamstress and dresser. At Kazuo Bed & Breakfast, these fine work of arts are still preserved, as well as the traditional sewing equipment she used.

The Kazuo Ethos

Help guests enjoy an affordable vacation.

Provide simple, clean and comfortable accommodation.

Foster connection between foreign visitors & locals.

Promote the Nozawa Onsen village and Japanese culture.

The Kazuo Logo

The adorable skier illustration is remained and simplified. Combining with its new English name, the bright yellow color represents the vibrant, fun and family-orientated attribute of the establishment.

The Kazuo Waffle House

The Kazuo Waffle House is a delightful extension of the bed & breakfast. Enjoy home-made waffles before you hit the slopes or before a long day of sightseeing.

Welcome to Kazuo Bed & Breakfast

Your Budget-Friendly Accommodation

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